Simply Good, Naturally

Healthy Food, Healthy Animals, Healthy You

At hd Farm & Feed our commitment is to continue to produce our proprietary Non-GMO, Non-SOY feed for your livestock.  We also raise pigs, chickens, and cows to provide you with the best grass fed, Non-GMO, Non-SOY food available.  hd Farm & Feed is dedicated to an all natural, sustainable farming.

hd Farm & Feed now provides the following products:  Non-GMO, Non-SOY feed, Non-GMO, Non-SOY pastured eggs.  Non-GMO, Non-SOY pastured chicken, pork and beef.  Heirloom tomatoes 100% natural hd Farm & Feed uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers.

hd Farm & Feed continues to be dedicated to providing the best, cleanest food from our farm to your table.




Swine Rations