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About Us

HD Feeds LLC is Scott and Marc, just a couple of guys working to help your animals eat healthier. After all, you are what your animals eat. Their commitment to all natural Non-Soy, Non-GMO organic feed is rooted in their commitment to their families. HD Feeds started making their own feed for their farms and their families. Since they began they have realized that they had a larger commitment than to just their families, but to the greater community around them. That community includes you, your family and your animals.

HD Feeds LLC was started in December 2014 with a desire to supply livestock producers with an all natural, quality alternative to the commercially available feeds. We know that clean, quality food starts with clean quality feed ingredients. In order to produce a superior egg, you must feed your layers a superior feed. Likewise, any animal grown for consumption must have a clean, healthy diet if we expect a clean,quality end product.

Scott Hoelscher grew up on a dairy farm in midwest Ohio. The same farm where HD Feeds LLC is now located. After several years of research into sustainable food systems, Scott launched Hoelscher Farms LLC. Scott continues to delve into sustainablity and permaculture design, always looking for clean, sustainable ways to produce the food, fibre, and energy that we need every day. The feed business is an offshoot of the farm, focusing on sustainable, healthy ways to produce food continues to lead Scott towards growth into many areas of food production.

Marc Dyrness, a Seattle native living in Ohio for the past 20 years has been interested in sustainability and natural food production for many years. Focusing intially on plant production, Marc founded Four Acre nursery in 2012 and maintains a certified nursery producing many types of food plants. Of particular interest are hybrid hazelnut trees which promise to produce large amounts of hazelnuts. Marc’s interest in permaculture led to the purchase of a laying flock. Realizing that clean, quality feed is hard to find and expensive, Marc helped found HD Feeds LLC in an effort to help others towards their goals of healthy eating!

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Health starting from the groundĀ up. Begin eating better for a happier life. You feed your animals, they feed you.