Hd Feeds has used it’s resources to branch into HD Farms .  Farming with a permaculture focus!

Permaculture…..the new/old way to grow

As the saying goes……” There’s nothing new under the sun”   More and more we’re finding this to be true in many aspects of living.  In the early ’70’s an Australian named Bill Mollison helped create a ‘new’ way of doing things based on ‘old’ ways.  he named this concept Permaculture.  Permaculture is a system of agricultural and social design principles centered around simulating or directly utilizing the patterns and features observed in natural ecosystems.  Thus one can achieve simple and effective productivity from the land by mimicking what nature has already designed.  Which is in direct contrast to our current industrialized production which seems to reshape nature at every turn.

As we are finding out almost daily now thru studies done throughout the world, truly healthy productive food systems are only achievable with healthy, LIVING soil!  More on that to come at a later date.  Permaculture design intends to use natural systems to promote the very best, healthiest soil as a foundation.  Thus allowing us to efficiently and sustainably grow food.


Some of the common practices in Permaculture involve the following:

Marc, a founding partner of HD Feeds, is certified in Permaculture design.  Starting this summer and moving forward we will be implementing many Permaculture practices as we develop HD Farms to provide healthy, sustainable food for ourselves and others.  This is the same idea that led to the formation of HD Feeds.  With our permaculture focus we will be able to quickly build rich, living soil which will nourish whatever we plant.  Studies have shown that ALL ‘soil’ , anywhere on the planet you might look, contains ALL the necessary nutrients for plant growth (except sunlight and CO2!).  However, the proper microbiology must be present for these nutrients to be utilized by the plants.  This is key to building a truly sustainable farm.  There are many, many Permaculture projects throughout the world that grow amazing amounts of food in small spaces with very little water or effort.  At least when compared to the systems most of us are used to!


Permaculture is a big topic which I have only scratched the surface of here.  Find out more online if it sounds interesting to you!  Search google, or Permaculture.org or Permies.com are good places to start.  The concepts and practices are varied and can be used in any climate.  Stay tuned to our blog as we will cover many concepts in detail as we plan and implement them here in mid-west Ohio!