simply good, naturally

hd farm & feed produces healthy food sustainably grown for you. Our standard formulations for your animals include Non-Soy, Non-GMO Corn, Non-GMO Sunflower meal, all natural vitamins/minerals, and a wide array of Probiotics.

simply good, naturally

focusing on what’s important

We raise the best grass fed, non-gmo, non-soy; pigs, chickens, and cows and provide you with the best naturally grown fresh food available. hd Farm & Feed is dedicated tofarming in an all natural, sustainable manor.
We are just two guys trying to make the world a little healthier, naturally.

From Our Farm to Your Table.

hd farm & feed now provides the following products:

  • Non-GMO Non-SOY pastured chicken
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY pastured pork
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY pastured beef
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY pastured eggs
  • Naturally grown heirloom tomatoes

hd farm & feed continues to be dedicated to providing the best, cleanest food possible.

You Feed Your Animals, They Feed You.

We also make a variety of specialized rations for different stages of growth:

  • Non-GMO Non-SOY Chicken rations
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY Swine rations
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY Beef rations
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY Goats rations
  • Non-GMO Non-SOY Turkeys rations

We vary the protein levels and vitamin/mineral mix in each formulation to cater to the specific animal and it’s life stage.

simply good, naturally

Health starting from the ground up. Begin eating better for a happier life. You feed your animals, they feed you.

we’re a small operation just like you
we take pride in our work

maintaining standards


hd farm & feed grows responsible sustainably farmed produce for your family and makes all natural, Non-Soy, Non-GMO feed for chickens, pigs, goats and cows. hd farm & feed is locally owned, locally grown and locally made.

what we believe in


a belief in healthier food for our families is why we started, because we believe in a healthier food for all is why we make more.

the right thing


feeding your animals healthy feed has obvious connections to you and your family, after all, you are what your animals eat.